What is arlo secure

All of the Arlo cameras in your home are covered by Arlo Secure. For 30 days, capture and save movies in up to 4K resolution in Arlo’s secure cloud. Receive more intelligent, interactive notifications that can recognise people, cars, pets, and parcels for you so you can take action faster from anywhere. With configurable activity zones, you may get only the important alerts and lessen the number of unnecessary ones. Arlo Secure offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind wherever you are.

How to Create An Account for My Arlo Login?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to create My Arlo Login account-

  • Enter in the browser and download the Arlo app on your Smartphone.
  • Tap on ‘Create an Account’
  • A form will come up on the screen where you need to fill in some basic information such as name, email address, and password.
  • Tap ‘Done’ and then click on ‘Create Account’
  • My Arlo Login account is now created.

Make sure you remember the login details for future Arlo sign in.

How to connect arlo base station to new wifi

Connect Arlo base station to the wifi by using an ethernet cable. To connect your arlo base station to the internet, you need to:

  • Use an ethernet cable to connect the Arlo base station to the router.
  • Connect the power adapter of the Arlo base station and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  • Press the power button on the Arlo base station.
  • The power and internet LED on the Arlo base station will turn solid green.

Your Arlo base station is now connected to the WiFi.

How to connect arlo camera to base?

Using the Sync button, connect Arlo base station to the Arlo camera. Follow the below-given steps to sync Arlo devices.

  • Place the Arlo camera and base station in a close proximity.
  • Press the ‘Sync’ button on the Arlo base station for about 5 seconds.
  • Wait for the LED to blink green.
  • Next, press the sync button on the Arlo camera

Your Arlo camera is now connected to the Arlo base station.

How to connect my arlo camera to wifi?

It is possible to connect the Arlo camera directly to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router using the Arlo app. Here are the steps that you need to follow to connect Arlo camera to wifi-

  • Open the Arlo Secure app.
  • Tap ‘Add New Device’
  • Select your Arlo device.
  • Select your Arlo model.
  • Tap ‘Continue with Base station or SmartHub’
  • Tap ‘Connect to a 2.4 GHz network.
  • Follow the in-app prompts to finish setting up your Arlo device.

How to download arlo app

Arlo app allows you to remote set up, install, or access the Arlo cameras from any location. You can find the app for free on the Play Store or App Store.

Follow the steps to download Arlo app-

  • Go to the ‘App Store’ or ‘Play Store’ on your mobile device.
  • Search for ‘Arlo’
  • Tap ‘Get’ or ‘Install’ to download the Arlo app.
  • The app will get downloaded in a few seconds and you’ll see the Arlo icon on your phone’s menu.

Once the Arlo app is installed on your smartphone, you can start setting up or managing your Arlo cameras.

How to factory reset arlo base station

Performing a factory reset will bring your Arlo base station back to the default settings. It will also remove the Arlo base station from the Arlo account.

Here are the steps to factory reset Arlo base station-

  • Use a paper or pen to long-press the reset button located on the back of Arlo base station.
  • The LED on the Arlo base station will first flash amber and once the LED stops flashing amber, the base station will reboot to the default settings.
  • Open the Arlo app and tap on ‘New System Setup’
  • Select the serial number of your Arlo base station to add it to the Arlo account.

How to open an arlo pro 4 camera?

To change or replace the battery on your Arlo Pro 4 Camera, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • There’s a button on a charging port, press it using your index finger.
  • Remove the camera from the housing by pulling it.
  • Remove the battery and replace it with a new one.
  • Insert the camera back into the housing

Your Arlo Pro 4 camera is now ready to perform the normal activity.

How to turn on arlo camera?

It is possible to manually turn ON or OFF your Arlo camera when you don’t want it to record the video footage on the cloud. The feature is helpful when you want to maintain privacy. To power ON or OFF your Arlo camera, you need to:

  • Open the Arlo secure app or go to on your web browser.
  • Tap ‘Settings’ and then go to ‘My Devices’
  • Select your Arlo camera that you want to power OFF or ON from the list.
  • Slide the slider to turn ON or OFF the camera.

How to sync the arlo camera to base?

To sync the Arlo camera to the base station, follow the steps which are mentioned below:

  • Press the sync button on the side of the Arlo base station.
  • Press the button for not more than 2 seconds.
  • Next, press the sync button on the Arlo camera for 2-3 seconds.

Arlo base station is now synced to the Arlo camera. If you’re getting errors, make sure that the devices are not placed more than 3 meters apart.

How to add arlo camera to app

Want to add a new Arlo camera to your existing Arlo account? If so, then you can add a new Arlo camera using the Arlo app. Here the steps to add Arlo camera to app:

  • Open the Arlo app on your mobile phone.
  • Sign into your Arlo account
  • Tap on ‘Add New Camera’
  • Select your Arlo camera from the list.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions to add an Arlo camera to the app.

How to charge arlo camera

Use the USB cable that came with your Arlo camera system for charging your Arlo cameras. Follow these steps to charge Arlo camera-

  • Remove the Arlo camera from the mount.
  • Pull out the flap to take out the USB port.
  • Insert the USB cable into the Arlo camera.
  • It may take 2-3 hours for your Arlo camera to get charged completely.